Wallpaper has become a essential element of interior design and has risen to accent different types of living and working spaces.

This type of Wall decor returned to stay in Guest rooms, offices, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, libraries, shops and cafes. Not to mention restaurants and hotels.

If you have decorating in mind,  The Wallpaper Guys offers you 10 reasons why you need wallpaper for your home:

1. Easily decorate a space with Wallpaper

It is a design resource that can profoundly transform any space of ​​your home or office where you can obtain depth perception, pop of color to the room, sound or temperature insulation of the wall, and can evoke good feelings via color psycology among others design principles.

Wallpaper for the bedroom:

This space has special psychological meaning and feeling  for the person who owns the space. It represents a space and restful area where he or she can relax and unwind.

We are here to help you with some recommendations for your space:

To facilitate the process, you can choose colors such as sky blue, navajo white or wordly gray. All colors generate different tones, but assuring that they contain high pigment and brightness is one of the main priorities. This is achived by Purchasing top of the line materials such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paints.

Design an original environment:

If what you want is to make your room a space that better reflects your personality, you can choose from multiple wallpaper designs; In The Wallpaper Guys we have various options from various manufacturers such as Phillip Jeffries, Schumacher, MDC Wallcovering, JF Fabrics, Innovations in wallcovering, Gracie, Atrium Wallcoverings, National Wallcovering, to name a few.

2. Wallpaper is very easy to install.

It is one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of any kind of space because it is installed in a few quick steps:

– Clean the surface with water and a microfiber cloth. Light sanding and preparing the area.

– Remove objects from the wall.

– It is necessary to take measurements of the wall and test the placement, considering the corners or columns. Interior designers call this “Engineering a room”

– Proceed to apply adheasive to one panel of wallcovering at first. We recommend Roman Wallpaper paste products. They are available in your local Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

– Continue with the adhesion to the Wall by lifting the wallpaper and placing it on the Wall. Be sure to place extra care on the wallpaper seams.

Do you have someone to install your wallpaper?

Hire our wallpaper installation services and we take care of it for you.

3. Wallpaper Facilitates creating a cheerful space for children.

Wallpaper is an easy option to makeover your kid’s bedroom decor.

Our manufacturers such as York Wallcoverings and Quest Wallcoverings have fun designs and nice colors for your children’s room.

4. The wallpaper is 100% washable with soap and water

It’s easy to clean with soap and wáter. This is part of the advantages of wallpaper since they do not require the use of expensive products for cleaning.

5. Wallpaper can also be used on furniture.

Wallpaper is also being used in furniture restoration and redesign. It is versitile in many different surfaces.

6. It is a Quick option for reinventing and redesigning a space.

Through interior design, the aim is to provide each space in the home with a unique personality.

7. Natural patterns facilitate relaxation moods.

If you like having spaces that inspire peace and tranquility,  Grasscloth wallpapers with natural materials and raffia designs can be a perfect option for you. We have the latest patterns from Phillip Jeffries to Jeffry Michaels. Not to mention the beautiful lines that Thibaut has to offer.

8. The kitchen wallpaper:

In the kitchen you can also use wall paper in many ways. Using wallpaper in your kitchen can give you that decorative twist which you have always wanted to achieve but haven’t quite found the right design materials to do so.

9. You can create combined designs between walls with wallpaper and painted walls, also with faux finishes, specialty finishes, italian plasters, metallic paints, even Digitally printed Mural wallcoverings.

These options are widely used! Of course, everything will be part of your creativity. Let your inner designer roam free!

10. Wallpaper can be kept indefinitely, especially with the right primers and sealers.

Wallpaper can be stored indefinitely until it’s use is necessary. This is especially usefull for the extra half roll of wallcovering that is always left over. You can use it in accent spaces around the house. Cover that niche you’ve been wanting to add a splash of color to, or add it to the entry foyer you’ve been dying to paint.

The reasons to use wallcoverings are endless. Wallcovering itself is timeless. Join us on the journey. Wallpaper is definitely back!