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In many articles recently, we have heard of a new phenomenon called "Green Fatigue"... Where people
sometimes get tired of too much "green" publicity, but we all must get through this marketing hype and
realize that going green is

JCC is committed to the health and future of our planet and fellow human beings by striving for the

  • Using Low VOC paints as much as possible.
  • Using Italians Plasters with zero VOC's as much as possible.
  • Recycling our paint cans with our local municipality.
  • Advising our clients to use "green" microvented wallcoverings
  • Converting our Fleet to hybrid vehicles.
  • Switching fuels to Bio-Diesel which is carbon neutral.
  • Using Technology's full potential by E-mailing all our plans, etc.. And using the least amount of
    paper possible.

We realize that our impact as a company might be small in the great scale of our world, but this is only
the beginning. We believe it is more about a change of mentality. Like many  wise people have said : "As
long as we are the change we wish to see in the world," we will survive as a race and prosper to see a
brighter tomorrow.
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Going Green!
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